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TAPEJET® - Tape Plotter

- the machine for self-sufficient adhesive tape application


2100 x 1600 mm
* Special sizes on request

Lift tables:

2 hydraulic lift tables for

Pre-stacking and stacking of materials,

including pick & place function

Automatic height adjustment


max. 1.0 m / sec - continuously selectable


sheet fixation via vacuum table

Position control via camera

with automatic adjustment of the

Tape application + - 20 mm


feeding of CAD / DXF files and via joystick, laser and camera

Application head:

8-29 mm tape width

minimum application length 25 mm

maximum roll diameter 400 mm (standard)

76 mm roll core

Compensation for height variation:

+ - 5 mm


up to 4 workplaces / products

Remote maintenance:

via integrated modem