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GLUEJET® - XY Glue Plotter

the machine for perfect & profitable displays and packaging


1300 x 1800 mm

1700 x 1800 mm

1700 x 2500 mm

2000 x 3000 mm

* Special sizes on request

Lift tables:

Hydraulic or electromechanical

Automatic height adjustment

Stack height 350 or 840 mm


Max. 2.0 m / sec. - continuously selectable up to 6.0 m / s Glue application during use from the TRIPLE-Smart-Head

Application types:

Track application for hot and cold glue

Spray application for hot and cold glue

Optional: TRIPLE-Smart-Head


Via joystick, laser and camera

995 different programs can be saved

Optional: feeding of CAD / DXF files


4 independently programmed workplaces

Remote maintenance:

Via integrated modem


The XY glue plotter GLUEJET® enables almost every geometric shape for the application of the adhesive