Strong bonds require professional solutions - the adhesive should be applied evenly and quickly to ensure maximum stability. 

Therefore we offer our fully automated gluing systems various designs for almost all applications. Wether it is our fully automated XY TAPEJET® -taping plotters or sheet to sheet laminating and straight line gluing machines from Lamina System.

Straight to the POINT:
simple, stand-alone, always perfect!

The Bickers-JMP TAPEJET® is the solution to all your taping requirements. The TAPEJETS are multi-axis servo-controlled automatic taping machines suitable for many industries, from packaging to vehicle manufacture. In automatic mode they are practically self-sufficient enabling just one operator to mind several machines, replacing tape rolls and material as required.

There are almost no limits to the direction of the tape application. The processing speed can be set at any value from 0.1 to 0.8 m/sec. The smooth function of the equipment is maintained and managed using a logical control unit. Desired tape patterns are programmed quickly and simply managed using a joystick and laser pointer.

Bickers-JMP TAPEJET® provides an accurate, repeatable tape application and can handle standard and speciality tapes in different widths for a wide range of products.


When compared to taping by hand, this machine makes a huge increase to productivity and quality meaning a fast return on investment. All Bickers-JMP machines can be accessed on demand via a modem in the machine. This allows complex problems to be solved remotely, easily and efficiently.

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