Strong bonds require professional solutions - the adhesive should be applied evenly and quickly to ensure maximum stability.

Therefore we offer our fully automated gluing systems various designs for almost all applications. Wether it is our fully automated XY GLUEJET® -glue plotters or sheet to sheet laminating and straight line gluing machines from Lamina System.

We glue QUALITY:
constant and fast, without rejects

GLUEJET® - Gluing Tables of Bickers-JMP offer a solution for your gluing problems. This is made possible by the new-style XY adhesive tables. These are multi-axis servo-controlled adhesive dispensers for almost all types of industry, from packaging to vehicle manufacture. Hot Melt adhesives and cold PVA glue can be applied in a single operation to small or large surfaces using up to four different application methods. The pressure sensitive hot melt remains "open" allowing time for complex assemblies. Up to four items can be processed and controlled independently of each other and there is almost no limit to the geometry of the adhesive application.

The traversing head speed can be set at any value from0.1 to 2.0 m/sec. All functions of the equipment are checked and managed using the self-explanatory control unit with touch screen. Desired glue patterns are programmed quickly and simply using a joystick and laser pointer.

GLUEJET machine sizes range from 1.300 x1.800mm up to 2.000 x 3.000mm application area. Special sizes and solutions are available on request.


Huge increase in productivity, quality and profit margins giving a fast return on investment.

The unit is available in four standard models:

  • with standard fixed tabletop
  • with internal elevating platform (Pi) and automatic height adjustment
  • with scissor lift platform (PA) for high stacking and external pre-loading fully automatic gluing unit with integrated conveyor, automatic pick and place feeder and product control

All Bickers-JMP machines are equipped with a remote service unit that can be accessed on demand via a modem to the machine. This allows complex problems to be solved easily and efficiently from a distance.

We would be pleased to help you to find matching, efficient and individual solutions for your gluing needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us - for an initial chat, our experts are at your disposal - Contact

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